Memory-Building Strategies To Create A Long Term Healthy Marriage



You can do the things you loved most about your partner. The things you loved most about your partner could be the very things you can remember best!

Long Term Healthy Marriage

For example, you remember that you enjoy being tickled. Many times you can re-create that feeling by tickling your partner. You could caress your partner in such a way that tickles their tummy, making them laugh. This will make them remember that they enjoy being caressed, which will make them more receptive to you.

If tickling your partner is not your style, then you can try giving a back massage. Back massages make your partner feel good about themselves. You can be massaging your partner in the back, making them feel good about their back. Giving a back massage to your partner can make them remember all the good qualities about themselves.

Long Term Healthy Marriage and life

You can also do the things you liked most about your partner. This will help you to remember the things you enjoyed most.

Some things you can remember and enjoy doing with your partner are sending gifts, going on dates, and having time together. These could be experiences you appreciate doing with your partner that you will savor again and again. It will make the memory of your partnership stronger. Long Term Healthy Marriage

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